This time my post is going to be shorter than usual (but hopefully as exciting :)).

I am going to give a tutorial on DataFrames.jl during ODSC Europe 2021 conference.

You can find the link to the outline of my workshop “DataFrames.jl: a Perfect Sidekick for Your Next Data Science Project” here.

The materials that are going to be presented during the tutorial can be found in this GitHub repository. This is a first workshop where I decided not to use Jupyter Notebook, but just classic Julia REPL so I hope participants will also get convinced by it. Personally, I prefer using Julia REPL and plain old text editor combo in all my work over any other currently available option.

Finally, I have written a small pre-conference post, that was published on ODSC blog here. It was meant to attract the attention of people who do not use Julia yet. And to be clear: the benchmarks shown there were not something I spent days to hand pick a favorable scenario for DataFrames.jl. It was the first thing that came to my mind to check. Actually, initially I did not even consider benchmarking against Polars as it is not that popular yet. However, later I wanted to check for myself how it compares. And indeed Polars turns out to have a really decent implementation.

I hope you will find the shared materials useful!