On this page I collect a list of learning materials that I find useful for doing data science with Julia.

  1. DataFrames.jl manual
    • a reference documentation for DataFrames.jl
  2. Julia for data analysis book
    • a book giving an introduction to working with data in Julia
  3. DataFrames.jl using Jupyter Notebooks, Julia Academy DataFrames.jl, JuliaCon 2019, JuliaCon 2020, JuliaCon 2021, JuliaCon 2022, PyData Global 2020, ODSC Europe 2021, DataFrames.jl showcase
    • a collection of tutorials on DataFrames.jl
  4. Hands-on Data Science with Julia
    • a set of liveProjects offered by Manning showing you how to tackle common data science tasks with Julia (first project is available for free)

If you would like to have some position added to the list please contact me. My intention is to have a list resources that are actively maintained and have people who are open to be directly communicated by users to discuss them.