This is a follow up post to Part I that covered new functionalities in DataFrames.jl release 0.21, which you can find here.

New material

I have created two additional notebooks that can be downloaded from this GitHub Gist. (Update! this Gist has been updated to DataFrames.jl version 0.22 after its release)

The content is shared as two notebooks:

  1. airports.ipynb that mostly focuses on transformation operations and the syntax source => function => sink.
  2. bison.ipynb that discusses new functionalities related to population of data frames with heterogeneous data that were added to push! and append!.

I hope you will find the new examples useful.

Environment setup

The codes were tested under Julia 1.4.1.

Please make sure that you download all materials from the Gist. In particular having proper Project.toml and Manifest.toml files will ensure that you have right versions of the packages that were used.

Also note that for the first part of the tutorial (airports.ipynb) you need to download the file I used from Kaggle (it is quite large). For the second notebook bison.ipynb the JSON file bison.json is bundled in the gist.

If you would have any questions regarding the materials please do not hesitate to contact me.